TEll congress:

Don’t Break What Works

Americans benefit from tech products to shop for their favorite things, work and study, find directions to local businesses, and to connect with loved ones. But new bills from Congress could make all these things harder, more expensive, less convenient, and less secure. Use your voice to protect your favorite tech– tell Congress: don’t break what works.

What’s at risk?

Amazon without Prime Free Shipping

Congress might cost you free shipping through your Amazon Prime membership, which could force you to pay more and wait longer for the things you need.

Google Search & Maps

These bills could lead to you paying for products that were previously free, like Google Search and Maps.

“Amazon Basics” Products

Congress might prevent Amazon from offering its own store branded products, meaning you could lose money-saving batteries and other common items.

Data Security

Congress could force Google to share your personal data with other companies without your knowledge. Those companies might not have the same security protections as Google—and you might not even know who they are—putting your privacy and security at risk.

These bills could…

Arbitrarily disadvantage our most successful companies and force them to provide data and IP to foreign rivals, opening the door for Chinese competitors to continue their ascent.

Jeopardize security measures that help keep Americans’ data private and their online experience safe.

Threaten the tools that small businesses use every day to reach customers, build trust, and drive growth.

Upend the way Americans use things like Amazon Prime and Google Search.

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