CCIA’s Don’t Break What Works Campaign Releases Statement on New FTC and DOJ Merger Guidelines

Washington, D.C. (07/19/2023) – CCIA’s “Don’t Break What Works” campaign released the following statement regarding the release of new proposed draft merger guidelines by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Department of Justice (DOJ):

“FTC Chair Lina Khan and Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ’s Antitrust Department Jonathan Kanter, frustrated with their failures in court and in Congress, are once again putting their political ideologies over the facts of the law and over the best interests of American consumers,” said Don’t Break What Works spokeswoman Chandler Smith Costello. “Since their agendas have been repeatedly rejected in court and Congress, Khan and Kanter are now trying to change the rules of the game by pushing new guidelines that, instead of reflecting actual merger practices, will undermine competition and innovation and hurt American consumers.

“The fact is, only Congress can update antitrust law, and these proposed merger guidelines are just another desperate attempt by Khan and Kanter to single-handedly revise antitrust law. This move will undermine American competitiveness on the world stage and fly in the face of basic, long-standing principles of antitrust law that were created to cut costs for consumers and small businesses and boost competition and innovation. 

“We’re confident that during the public comment period, American consumers and small businesses will highlight how guidelines like these will hurt them and the American economy.” 

The Don’t Break What Works campaign is powered by the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA). Learn more here