“Don’t Break What Works” Calls on Senate Judiciary Committee Members to Vote Against S. 2992

Washington, D.C. (01/20/2022) – Today, ahead of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s markup of S. 2992, CCIA’s Don’t Break What Works campaign called on members of the committee to vote against S. 2992, a bill with significant, harmful effects for American consumers.

“Not only would this legislation undermine Americans’ privacy and jeopardize Americans’ device security, it would also greatly disadvantage American companies for the benefit of Chinese competitors and impact our own national security. On top of jeopardizing our own security, this legislation would upend the way Americans use everyday products they love and threaten the tools that small businesses use every day to reach customers, build trust, and drive growth. Members of the committee should consider the unintended consequences of S. 2992 and vote against moving this legislation to the Senate floor,” said Chandler Smith Costello, a spokeswoman for the Don’t Break What Works campaign. 

Experts in national security, technology, consumer protection and lawmakers have voiced their many concerns with S. 2992 explaining the damage this legislation would do to American consumers and the United States. Read more here.

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