“Don’t Break What Works” Campaign Responds to Tech Oversight Project’s False Ad Campaign

Washington, D.C. (02/03/2022) – After the Omidyar-backed anti-tech advocacy group Tech Oversight Project released ads spreading false information and dangerous innuendo, the Don’t Break What Works campaign released the following statement:

“Packed with false insinuation, this ad is a dangerous attack on well-founded concerns held by many national security and cybersecurity experts. In a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last month, Democratic and Republican senators detailed many issues with the bill, including what it could do to force data sharing with foreign companies. Many Democratic and Republican senators agree that this legislation would cede our competitive edge on the international stage and expose U.S. infrastructure to foreign competitors. 

“The risks that S. 2992 poses to our nation’s cyber and national security are well-documented and must be addressed,” said Chandler Smith Costello, a spokeswoman for the Don’t Break What Works Campaign.

Fact: Several members of the Senate Judiciary Committee have already detailed concerns about risks the bill poses for national security, cybersecurity and data protection.
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Fact: Twelve former national security officials, including former directors of the CIA and a former Director of National Intelligence, recently sounded the alarm around the national security implications of proposals like S. 2992.
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Fact: The CEOs listed in this ad testified under oath they would not tolerate forced labor – showing the ad makes a false claim.
(​See hearing transcript.) 

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