ICYMI: “Big Tech allies point to China, Russia threat in push to squash antitrust bill”  

Washington, D.C. (02/23/2022) – An article published today in The Hill details concerns from both industry and lawmakers regarding how the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (AICOA) could hamstring U.S. tech companies in stopping threats to national security and cede our advantage to foreign adversaries. 

Big Tech allies point to China, Russia threat in push to squash antitrust bill
The Hill
By: Karl Evers-Hillstrom and Chris Mills Rodrigo
February 23, 2022

Big Tech’s numerous allies in Washington are repeating a similar message as they lobby lawmakers to abandon antitrust legislation: The U.S. needs tech giants at full strength to counter China, Russia and other threats to national security. 

Despite making it out of the Senate Judiciary Committee by a bipartisan 16-6 vote, the legislation targeting America’s largest tech companies faces an uphill battle.

Many lawmakers who gave the legislation a thumbs-up on the panel cautioned that they would be unlikely to vote “yes” on the floor unless major changes are made.

A handful of those lawmakers specifically expressed concern that stopping tech giants from self-preferencing could unintentionally advantage America’s adversaries.

Russian aggression in Ukraine has only reinforced those industry talking points among lawmakers who are fearful of impending cyber conflicts with Russia and China, according to tech allies

The Computer and Communications Industry Association, which represents the big four tech companies, argues that the bill would require U.S. tech giants to share data with foreign competitors and weaken their research and development capabilities while leaving Chinese tech firms untouched. 

“Given the current geopolitical environment, now more than ever policymakers need to be aware of the risks of undermining the U.S. competitive advantage in technology products and services,” said Matt Schruers, the tech group’s president.

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