ICYMI: CNBC Reports Democratic Senators Dissatisfied with S. 2992 Engagement

Washington, D.C. (06/07/2022) – New reporting from CNBC details how Democratic members of Congress feel that the latest version of the American Innovation and Choice Online Act (S. 2992) fails to address their concerns:

Staff for the bill’s sponsors have been meeting with members who are more skeptical of it, but two people familiar with the matter told CNBC the skeptics are dissatisfied with the engagement.

One Democratic aide described a conversation with a bill sponsor as more “briefing style … rather than an honest negotiation” about members’ concerns.

A Democratic Senate aide said Klobuchar’s team didn’t share the revised text with their office until it was publicly posted. “Our team has certainly tried to engage on the changes we want to see here, but I wouldn’t say it’s been very effective,” the Senate aide said.

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