Top American Companies Are Committed to Helping Startups Compete

While successful American companies are responsible for some of the most high-profile new technologies driving U.S. innovation, like Google’s Bard AI or Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) advancements in cybersecurity, just as often, it’s small businesses and startups pushing out new, innovative products and services. However, some small companies just don’t have the tools or the resources they need to bring their ideas to market.  

Top tech companies are trying to change that, and they’re helping tech startups and small businesses compete. 

This month, Google for Startups, a program created to help tech companies get off the ground, announced millions of dollars in donations to small businesses across the country. These awards – made without giving up equity in return – delivered much-needed money to small businesses, many of them owned by groups underrepresented in tech, to give them the tools they need to develop the next generation of innovative technology. 

Like Google, Amazon is taking steps to make it easier for tech startups to compete. Amazon Web Services just announced the launch of a $100 million AWS Generative AI Innovation Center. The new program will put AWS’ powerful AI technology at the fingertips of companies of all sizes, meaning that small startups with big ideas will be able to boost their businesses. 

Small businesses and startups play a crucial role in driving American innovation. Leading American companies like Google and Amazon have made it clear that they’re committed to helping those companies compete and thrive so our country can continue to innovate.