USA Today: “Just because Americans love Google doesn’t make it a monopoly. Biden lawsuit goes too far.”

Washington, D.C. (09/12/2023) – A new op-ed by former Congresswoman Barbara Comstock highlights the fundamental flaws in the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) lawsuit that takes aim at Google’s popular search engine.

In the piece, Comstock shows how the case is just the latest effort from Assistant Attorney General Kanter and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan, the Biden administration’s top two antitrust enforcers, to push their radical agendas that would break products Americans love and put the interests of competitors over consumers. 

“…From the beginning, the Biden administration’s novel and aggressive antitrust theories have raised eyebrows. This can be seen in the Federal Trade Commission’s forthcoming case against Amazon Prime, a service beloved by American consumers

“…Similarly, internet users see Google as the best search engine, and they overwhelmingly prefer it. American consumers’ strong preference for Google’s search engine does not transform this incredibly successful product into an antitrust violation…

“…However, President Joe Biden’s antitrust enforcers claim they know better than consumers. Embracing the government’s viewpoint would transform antitrust law into a protection racket for the government’s preferred businesses…

“…Even DOJ’s own expert fatally undermined its case. The expert admitted that, when given a choice of default search engines on a new smartphone, consumers voluntarily choose Google “more than 90% of the time

“…Ultimately, the DOJ lawsuit rests on the paternalistic theory that Google’s search dominance must be bad even though consumers overwhelmingly prefer and self-select for its product. Successfully obtaining market share by offering a superior product is not an antitrust violation…”

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