Leading American Companies Are Building a Collaborative Tech Industry to Tackle Our Country’s Issues

Today, according to the Office of the United States Trade Representative’s (USTR) National Trade Estimate report, foreign governments are erecting barriers to American companies that provide valuable digital products and services, actions that are threatening the free and open nature of the internet. Thankfully, U.S. tech companies have shown that they’re ready to push our country forward, whether it’s meeting the increasing demand for semiconductors, racing to develop the latest AI technology, or defending against new cybersecurity threats. As those global challenges continue to evolve, American tech companies are committed to collaborating to quickly and efficiently tackle key issues facing the nation.

In recent years, sharing innovative programs and resources through open-source collaboration has become a priority for top American tech companies. Google, a leader in the open source space, has created Google Open Source, a service that provides Americans with access to some of Google’s most valuable resources, and the program has allowed U.S. businesses across the country to work together to tackle big issues. New advancements in AI, like Chat GPT, have been developed with the help of information made publicly available on Google Open Source, and last year, Google teamed up with semiconductor maker GloFlo to use open-source technology to boost U.S. chip manufacturing. 

Amazon, another tech industry leader, has recently made some of its most successful projects and services available to the public. Last year, Amazon Web Services made its Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework open source, meaning cybersecurity officials can more effectively improve the ways they share information and collaborate to boost cybersecurity and defend against emerging threats.

Leading American companies like Google and Amazon have made it clear that they’re committed to building a collaborative tech industry that’s ready and able to solve our country’s most pressing problems. The need for American ingenuity is continuing to grow, and U.S. tech companies are ready to play a crucial role in driving American innovation forward.