New Survey Shows U.S. Tech Companies Rank Among Brands People Trust Most (Hint: They make the products you love).

New data shows that successful American tech companies are among some of the most trusted brands in the world – and that shouldn’t be a surprise. A recent Axios Harris brand recognition survey found that the most popular companies in the country offer tangible products and services that provide everyday value to Americans. That’s something that companies like Google and Amazon, which top the poll’s rankings, are showing Americans they can deliver on.  

Over the years, companies like Amazon and Google have emerged as some of the most-liked businesses in the country by offering products and services that are preferred by most Americans, like Amazon Prime and Google Search and Maps. These products help Americans with everyday tasks like online shopping, finding information, or figuring out how to reach a destination, and polls consistently demonstrate that Americans enjoy and prefer to use these products. 80% of Americans agree that tools like Search and Maps make finding what they’re looking for easier, and 70% of Americans report that they enjoy shopping online because of the quick, convenient, and affordable two-day shipping that service like Amazon Prime provides.

However, leading American tech companies don’t just provide people with valuable products and services. They also take care to address Americans’ concerns about key issues, like data privacy and security. Google and Amazon both support high privacy standards and compliance procedures to protect consumer data privacy. Additionally, both companies adhere to strict data security measures to stop bad actors from getting their hands on consumers’ information. 

There’s a reason why leading U.S. tech companies are some of the most popular businesses in the world. Businesses like Amazon and Google have proven that they can provide Americans with products and services that they love – and by addressing their customers’ concerns, they’ve earned Americans’ trust.