ICYMI: American Tech Is Taking Big Issues Head-On

Washington, D.C. (06/22/2023) – The United States is trying to solve some big challenges, like addressing climate change and maintaining an innovative edge over foreign rivals and our country can’t do that without the help of American Tech. American tech companies have been and continue to be committed to tackling those challenges head-on with groundbreaking solutions – all while providing Americans with products and services that they love. 

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Combating Climate Change with the Cloud

“…Today, the high-tech cloud computing data used by the Google Earth Engine to analyze publicly available satellite images to protect critical ecosystems in over 160 countries. Here in the United States, Google has partnered with the Department of Agriculture to analyze and protect over 300 million acres of farmland, and major companies like Unilever have committed to creating cleaner supply chains using the technology.

But Google isn’t the only major American tech company using its products and services for good. Amazon Web Services provides its digital technologies to enable public and private actors to share, analyze, and act on troves of data to protect the environment…”

New Survey Shows U.S. Tech Companies Rank Among Brands People Trust Most (Hint: They make the products you love).

“New data shows that successful American tech companies are among some of the most trusted brands in the world – and that shouldn’t be a surprise. A recent Axios Harris brand recognition survey found that the most popular companies in the country offer tangible products and services that provide everyday value to Americans. That’s something that companies like Google and Amazon, which top the poll’s rankings, are showing Americans they can deliver on…”  

Leading American Companies Are Building a Collaborative Tech Industry to Tackle Our Country’s Issues

“In recent years, sharing innovative programs and resources through open-source collaboration has become a priority for top American tech companies. Google, a leader in the open source space, has created Google Open Source, a service that provides Americans with access to some of Google’s most valuable resources, and the program has allowed U.S. businesses across the country to work together to tackle big issues. New advancements in AI, like Chat GPT, have been developed with the help of information made publicly available on Google Open Source, and last year, Google teamed up with semiconductor maker GloFlo to use open-source technology to boost U.S. chip manufacturing…”

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