The DOJ Antitrust Case Against Google Proves Shaky Early On

Washington, D.C. (9/22/2023) – The Department of Justice (DOJ) case against Google search continues to fall short. While DOJ lawyers are arguing that their case would protect competition and consumers, the weakness of the government’s case and its inability to…

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Top American Companies Are Committed to Helping Startups Compete

While successful American companies are responsible for some of the most high-profile new technologies driving U.S. innovation, like Google’s Bard AI or Amazon Web Service’s (AWS) advancements in cybersecurity, just as often, it’s small businesses and startups pushing out new,…

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Don’t Break What Works Reacts to Today’s FTC Oversight Hearing

Washington, D.C. (07/13/23) – Today, the House Judiciary Committee held an oversight hearing where Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Chair Lina Khan attempted to defend her agency’s actions, from her disregard for ethics recommendations to the FTC’s pattern of ineffective enforcement and…

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